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             Are you tired of the same old responses you get when you try to talk with your teen about sex? Are you still searching for the right way to start those all-important discussions? SEX ED BINGOTM created by Amy G. Miron, M.S. and Charles D. Miron, Ph.D. is a relaxed and non-threatening way to promote and reinforce the learning of sexuality concepts and vocabulary. Simple yet fun to play, SEX ED BINGOTM can help players to become more comfortable with the language needed to communicate about sexuality issues. Able to be played at increasing levels of difficulty, SEX ED BINGOTM can act as a springboard for parents or other sexuality educators to begin many of the challenging discussions young people need to have on their journey to becoming fully sexually educated. Parents, don't worry about not having all the answers. SEX ED BINGOTM and its glossary will help teach you along with your teen.

              SEX ED BINGOTM is offered in three editions. The Family edition provides supplies for ten players. The School edition contains enough supplies for 40 players while the College edition can accommodate 100 players.

             Instead of the numbers found on traditional Bingo cards, SEX ED BINGOTM player cards have a scrambled subset of seventy-five sexuality terms divided into five categories: Boys, Infections, No Pregnancy, Girls, and Other.

          Each game kit comes complete with:
        • Detailed instructions.
        • Sex Ed BingoTM player cards.
          • Family edition provides supplies for 10 players.
          • School edition provides supplies for 40 players.
          • College edition provides supplies for 100 players.
        • Seventy-five Sex Ed BingoTM caller cards with the terms printed on the top and its definition printed on the bottom.
        • Master term sheets to record the terms as they are called.
        • A detailed glossary explaining each of the seventy-five terms.

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