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        by Amy G. Miron, M.S. and Charles D. Miron, Ph.D.

        Many parents find it difficult, even impossible to talk with their kids about love, relationships, and especially sex. But the real choice parents face is not if their kids will learn about these topics, but how they will learn and who will do the teaching. This candid guide covers everything you might ever want to discuss with your teen about intimacy and sex. In more than two decades of working with parents and teens, authors Amy and Charles Miron have heard and discussed it all—from the things your kids probably have heard about to the things you probably haven’t. Openly, comfortably, without mincing words, they share their expertise so you can be the expert your kids come to for answers.

        There’s no “right” way to teach teens about love, relationships, and sex. That’s why the Mirons encourage you to personalize your home education program to your child’s needs, your family values, and your comfort level. How you use the information in this book is up to you. What you talk about or don’t is your decision. But with this book close at hand, you’ll always have a place to turn, strategies to try, ideas for what to say, and guidance for meeting one of the biggest challenges parents face: communicating openly, honestly, and appropriately about these life-shaping, life-changing topics.
        Free Spirit Publishing, 2002 Paperback, 254 pp

        For other materials on Parenting and Teen issues visit the Free Spirit Publishing website.

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