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        Never mind the sexual revolution, the sixties, the pill, all the stuff on TV, most of us seem to put at least one foot in our mouths when trying to get the real issues out in the open. Face it, parents are on a learning curve, too! Each section of this handbook is fascinating in its own right, but it is organized so you can easily refer to specific issues as they arise, whether it's nuts-and-bolts information about sexuality (names and places), help hotlines, pornography on the Web, or a most helpful section on what to do when your teens refuse to talk to you. In delivering the lowdown on what today's teens are doing, sexually speaking, this book never mandates behavior or values. What it does superbly well is help parents to identify their own issues while promoting effective methods for talking with kids about these twitchy areas. And like most books of this sort, your kids will probably dip into it when your back is turned. If they do, that's all to the good.
             -NAPRA Review (NAPRA is the Networking Alternatives for Publishers, Retailers and Artists, a trade publication for the publishing industry.  It is a respected measurement of quality books and other products.)

        “The perfect book for parents…” USA Today.

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        Sex Ed BingoTM
             Are you tired of the same old responses you get when you try to talk with your teen about sex? Are you still searching for the right way to start those all-important discussions? Sex Ed BingoTM is a relaxed and non-threatening way to promote and reinforce the learning of sexuality concepts and vocabulary. Don't worry about not having all the answers. Sex Ed BingoTM and its glossary will help teach you along with your teen.

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        Behavior Modification Guide For Teachers
             Behavior Modification Guide For Teachers is a concise presentation of how to manage children's off target behavior. While focused on classroom examples, the principles apply to managing children of all ages in any environment.

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